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Guest post: Anni from Ani

Written by Annegret

Being the first friend to join Maike for one leg of her journey around the world, I also have the honour of being the first guest blogger she has invited to write a post for meanderingmaike.net And what better subject for me to tackle than our visit to Ani?   Continue reading

Turkish for beginners: Teşekkür ederim!

The day before yesterday, Annegret and I left Istanbul for a journey that would take us some 1500 kilometers from one end of Turkey to the other, by ferry from Istanbul to Bursa, by bus from Bursa to Eskişehir, and then by train from Eskişehir to Ankara and from Ankara to Kars. View Map Continue reading

Another night on the train: Budapest – Belgrade

Well, let’s put it this way, the Budapest-Belgrade night train doesn’t quite compare with the Berlin-Budapest train, I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise?

It started with the car with the sleeping compartments being shut and unlit when I arrived. A friendly guy, who turned out to be one of the conductors, helped me get on board the car next door and shouted for his colleagues to come and show me where to go.
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Nighttrain to Budapest