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“Oh, my God” moments in Kazbegi

On my way to the mountainous Kazbegi region in the North of Georgia I had a number of “Oh, my God” moments today. Because of the condition of the road, I admit that most of the time they weren’t of a deeply spiritual nature but rather went something along the fearful lines of “Oh, my God, I hope the driver knows what he’s doing….”

However, upon arriving my doubts about coming here were very quickly forgotten given the “Oh, my God, how beautiful” moment at the sight of the Gergeti Trinity Church and Mount Kazbek…



Looking forward to hiking up to the church and the Gergeti glacier tomorrow!

Second attempt: Georgian National Museum

Having taken it slow these past few days to recover from four weeks of nonstop traveling, I had meant to go see the Georgian National Museum yesterday, which is just around the corner of my hostel. Of course, I had once again overlooked that it was a public holiday, which somehow always seems to be the case when (every once in a while) I decide to visit a museum..

Anyway, my second attempt today was more successful and I am quite glad I went. The Georgian National Museum was opened only in 2004 and its exhibition design is quite modern – spacious with only a few well-chosen exhibits which thankfully are labelled both in Georgian and English!

Having explored the treasury, which exhibits very beautiful gold jewellery originating from third century BC to the fourth AC, it was a bit of a shock when I went up four stories – and two millenia – and entered the “Musuem of Soviet Occupation”, suddently standing in front of one of the train carriages in which the participants of the national uprising of 1924 were executed.

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