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Armenia’s monasteries: Magic views and medieval graffiti

When you travel in Armenia (and Georgia, too) it seems that there’s always yet another monastery or church around the corner that is worth visiting. 

So, rather than boring the pants off you by listing (or worse, describing!) every single one that my friend Annegret and I have seen in the past weeks, here just the „best of Armenian religious sites“.

For the mystic monastery mood, listen to Annegret testing the famed acoustics of one of the chambers carved entirely from the rock at Geghard monastery as you continue.
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Out of season at lake Sevan…

Should you ever entertain the idea of travelling to lake Sevan in Armenia out of season (say, around April), beware! This is what might happen to you:

When we arrived our taxi driver wouldn’t believe that we were in the right place because the gate was shut and nobody seemed to be around at first. We were about to give up when the gates were opened… et voilá: Our hotel, and I mean “our” hotel, as we are the only two guests… 

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