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Kakheti (2): Views and wine!

Last time I was in Telavi / Kakheti I was just passing through on my way to Tusheti, but fortunately I came back to explore this part of Georgia – famous for its wine – a bit more.

Roman Burduladze, who runs Tushetiland Travels and who I had the luck to come across while looking for travel ideas, remembered this beautiful place in the mountains that he’d been to long time ago. Well, we found it again, in the mountains close to the Batsara Natural Reserve:1-P1140800-001

Amazing, isn’t it? As you can see, I couldn’t resist the urge to get an “I-was-there”-photo… Continue reading

Korsha: Of poets and painters, horse racers and judoka

Khevsureti is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, and one of the most difficult to access. Korsha is the last village on the road leading north into the Khevsureti mountains that is still accessible during the winter months. Many tourists just pass by this little village as they are heading towards Shatili (which admittedly is pretty amazing with its medieval fortified slate houses and towers all clustered together on a slope above a river and surrounded by mountains – more about Shatili in a later post.)

However, I can only recommend a stopover at the Arabuli family’s guesthouse in Korsha, one of the best places I’ve stayed at in Georgia! To start with, this is what you might get when asked upon arrival whether you’d like “a coffee”:

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Out of season at lake Sevan…

Should you ever entertain the idea of travelling to lake Sevan in Armenia out of season (say, around April), beware! This is what might happen to you:

When we arrived our taxi driver wouldn’t believe that we were in the right place because the gate was shut and nobody seemed to be around at first. We were about to give up when the gates were opened… et voilá: Our hotel, and I mean “our” hotel, as we are the only two guests… 

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