First impressions from Bangkok



5-P1150377A hall with food stalls, tables and benches at a street market in Sathorn. A lot of office workers come here for lunch. Really nice roasted chicken with sweet-sour sauce (glad I asked for the mild version), plus soup, for a total of 40 Baht (= 1 Euro).



1-2013-11-22 15.08.12
No, not a joke, and not a deliberate reference to the song.

In the evening I left my hostel to just quickly grab something to eat and found myself in the middle of Bangkok’s nightlife. I felt slightly overwhelmed in the midst of too many bright lights, fake Prada bags, Hello Kitty accessories and “pussy clubs”. In the end I postponed dinner to rest for a moment and have a mojito in gay street – most fun waiters ever!

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