Kakheti (2): Views and wine!

Last time I was in Telavi / Kakheti I was just passing through on my way to Tusheti, but fortunately I came back to explore this part of Georgia – famous for its wine – a bit more.

Roman Burduladze, who runs Tushetiland Travels and who I had the luck to come across while looking for travel ideas, remembered this beautiful place in the mountains that he’d been to long time ago. Well, we found it again, in the mountains close to the Batsara Natural Reserve:1-P1140800-001

Amazing, isn’t it? As you can see, I couldn’t resist the urge to get an “I-was-there”-photo…



Besides great views, I also was exposed a bit more to the local wine culture (unlike the last time I was here, which was more about beer). We visited the Alaverdi Cathedral, where the bishop has planted a kind of living “museum” of different Georgian grape varieties, and also the ruins of the Ikalto Academy, where in the old times philosophy was taught and wine was made.


And in the evening I was invited to test the new wine! Which was really tasty and even more enjoyable thanks to the company of yet more members of the Burduladze family, that is, Roman’s parents, my hosts here at the TLT guesthouse in Telavi.

Another wonderful day!

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