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Exploring everyday life in Georgia

As I twisted my ankle a few weeks back I’m still in Georgia, waiting for my foot to heal and spending my time learning Russian in Tbilisi. Fortunately, a friend of mine had offered that I could stay at his brother’s lovely appartment since he’s currently abroad and not using it. So instead of traveling around I have had the chance to explore Georgian everyday life, and its challenges, for a change. Continue reading

Tskneti: Dachas and displaced people

I had really looked forward to an excursion to the Algeti National Park just an hour outside of Tbilisi today. But, it wasn’t meant to be – the car’s cooler broke down halfway.¬†Which is how we ended up in Tskneti.

There’s really not much to see in Tskneti and I doubt we’d usually have stopped there. In which case I might have never found out what more well-off Tbilisians nowadays consider a ‘country cottage’ (a ‘dacha’).

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