To Georgian hospitality!

Why is it so difficult to write about hospitality without it all just sounding like a cliché? As I am staying in Georgia at the moment and trying to write about it, this a question I have been struggling with for the better part of the morning.

My friend Tamo’s family invited me to join them for their Easter lunch on Sunday – and I started to feel at home about the minute I arrived at their place. We had a long and delicious meal and then spent a couple of hours just lazily hanging out and chatting on the balcony.


Later Tamo took me along to meet with some of her friends for a real Georgian barbecue in the countryside a little outside of the city. Again I was somewhat surprised at how quickly I felt at ease with people who I had mostly not met before. 


I read in my travel guide that in Georgia guests are considered a blessing, and thinking about it I realize that what I find so amazing (and difficult to describe) is that genuine joy Georgians (at least those I have met so far) seem to feel at welcoming you, making you forget that you are a stranger in no time at all.

I really don’t think that we are unwelcoming in Germany, but I have the impression that this kind of depth and warmth we sometimes tend to reserve for those people who we (already) feel close to? Feel free to contradict me!

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