Out of season at lake Sevan…

Should you ever entertain the idea of travelling to lake Sevan in Armenia out of season (say, around April), beware! This is what might happen to you:

When we arrived our taxi driver wouldn’t believe that we were in the right place because the gate was shut and nobody seemed to be around at first. We were about to give up when the gates were opened… et voilá: Our hotel, and I mean “our” hotel, as we are the only two guests… 


Enjoying the view from our room:


Our living room:

(Well, when you’re the only guests, and all the staff has left for the night, why not use the hotel lobby as your living room?)

Our horse:


Well, to put it more correctly, one of two horses that wander freely around in the park surrounding our (!) hotel:


They seemed to like us, too:


That is, until they found out that we didn’t have any food to offer to them.

Which brings us to the only tiny little drawback – the restaurant at the hotel is closed, we are in the middle of nowhere, and this (and a few crackers) is what we had left for dinner:


Please note: The two bottles of beer were about the only drinks available at the hotel before the guy who let us in disappeared, and the small bottle of vodka was a gift we got from the nephew of our taxi driver – one of many, many friendly locals (most of whom seemed to belong to the extended family of our driver) we met today. I would like to add that we DO also have water with us.

Well, with the sun setting over the lake (which, by the way, we were happy to learn is nowadays recovering from many decades of overuse) it didn’t really matter what we were having (or rather, not having) for dinner!

2 thoughts on “Out of season at lake Sevan…

  1. Annegret

    Regarding the food situation, we had a pleasant surprise this morning: We were sitting in the yard by the lakeside enjoying the sun and munching on some cookies that had travelled with us all the way from Turkey and some dried fruit that Maike had brought from Ecuador more than a year ago, when a young woman in a neat uniform suddenly materialized in front of us and informed us that breakfast was waiting for us in the restaurant a short way down the park. We were amazed to find that several women had already been at work in the kitchen and set a table for two in the large dining hall. Luckily she also said that the restaurant had indeed been closed last night, else we might have been a bit frustrated.

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