Wings of Tatev

“Wings of Tatev” – that is the unpretentious name of the cable car leading up to the famous Tatev monastery (and the village of the same name) in Armenia.

But then the Tatev aerial tramway is the “longest non-stop double track cable car” in the world, with a total length of 5,752m! And given that a trip to the beautiful Tatev monastery was a “must-do” anyway, Annegret and I decided to give it a try.

In the morning we still took the long and winding road up to the monastery…


But down we went high up in the air.
Admittedly, t
he view from the station gave us some second thoughts at first…


…but since we had already bought our tickets, what could we do but smile bravely and get on the car? 😉P1030499

The discovery of Swiss involvement in the engineering helped a bit…



…though Annegret continued to tightly hold on to the railing- just to make sure I guess…


Somebody wishing to be back on the road…?


Yet with the convenient new cable car hardly anybody was to be seen on the road below, with a few exceptions.


Well, in the end the views more than compensated for the fear of hights.


Having arrived at the lower station we were sorely tempted to try the local specialty to reenergize, but then decided to leave it for somebody else to find out what exactly it may be:


Oh, before I forget, the monastery and its surroundings were great, too… 😉 Will be posting more on that aspect of the trip later, to close this post just one photo to wet your appetite:


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